Welcome Cohort XIV!

The Global Citizenship Program would like to welcome its newest cohort of students to the GC family. We will be travelling with Cohort XIV to Iceland this coming January 2019. 

Lehigh University's Global Citizenship Program is a cross-college, multi-disciplinary certificate program designed to accommodate students from all fields, including engineering and science, business, arts, humanities and social sciences.

Envisioned as a "backpack" or a set of courses and experiences that any student can fit into her/his major, the program requires students to examine the questions of meaning and value associated with the theme of citizenship within today's global world.

In addition to the curricular elements of the program, students are required to engage in at least two experiences abroad (one of which is during sophomore year, and mostly covered by a scholarship!), and are provided with exciting opportunities for leadership and co-curricular activities.

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