Chile 2005

Cohort I
In the first year of the Global Citizenship Program, half of Cohort I traveled to Chile from January 1-12 (the other half traveled to Hong Kong). The trip was led by Edurne Portela, Associate Professor of Spanish; Teaching Fellow Kate Cartwright; Magdalena Grudzinski-Hall, former Program Director; and Hannah Stewart-Gambino, also a former Program Director.
Trip highlights:
  • History walking tourchile
  • Visit to community TV station
  • Visit to Poblacion La Victoria and meeting with La Victoria council
  • Talk on cosmology in Mapuche Ruca
  • Dance therapy session
  • Meeting with ANAMURI Farm Worker Women Organization
  • Tour of Codegua and Pabellon
  • Lectures at Centro Ecumenico Mendellin
  • Tour with former prisoner of Villa Grimaldi
  • Visit with fishermen association Corporacion Puertecito at San Antonio Port
  • Tour of Pablo Neruda's home
  • Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum
  • Santa Carolina winery
  • Volunteer day
  • Walking tour in Valpairiso and Vina de Mar
  • Copper mine visit with union leaders
“Our visit to the farm is one of my most treasured memories from the Intersession Trip. The ANAMURI Farm Workers Organization is the National Organization for Rural and Indigenous Women in Chile. The main purpose of this group is to represent women’s interests, to promote and defend their rights, to end the years of oppression they have endured, and to bring about equality for the local women of Chile. While there we learned about the history and purpose of their organization, enjoyed a delicious traditional meal, and toured their beautiful land.” –Scott Rovinsky, Cohort I
“I wasn't absolutely ready to declare a major until our trip to Chile. There we met with members of an environmental organization, Oceana. I was lucky enough to sit next to a woman who has a degree in environmental engineering and has experience working as an engineer. After our trip, I knew what field of study I wanted to pursue. The opportunity to speak with an environmental engineer arose when we visited a group of struggling small-scale fishermen in Valparaiso. The fishermen we met and ate lunch with are organizing a union which will protect the rights of traditional fishermen. We learned about this profession and the trouble facing all small-scale Chilean fishermen. Our group was given special permission to walk on the peer: we were in the middle of the action. I saw men climbing out of their small boats, most still powered by oar, wearing big sweaters and winter hats. It was a bit chilly outside that morning but it must have been freezing on the water before dawn. They wake up very early to fish, just as their fathers did, because traditional fishing is not only their source of income and food, but also a way of life.” –Stacy Sommerfield, Cohort I
"Our job for the day was to contribute our time at Taller Accion Communitaria, or TAC, a volunteer community outreach center for Valparaisian children. Sounds of feet, young and small, marching in unison with joyous chants and instruments cascade down the winding street. Getting caught in a parade with dozens of smiling and laughing little children was not something I was expecting. I moved out of the way, hopping on to the curb to avoid the passing crowd. "What's this all for?" I asked one of my American companions. "It's to commemorate a new mural," she responded. I watched as jugglers, dancers, and children dressed in various costumes marched past me. And as I stood silently observing this seemingly impromptu parade, I felt a petite hand gently grasp my hand. I looked down to see and little boy, no more than seven, smiling back at me. He gently pulled me into the ebbing sea of dancing and singing people and led me towards a giant, hand-painted canvas horse float being carried by four other children. I stopped and looked down at one of the little kids who were carrying the float. He laughed and signaled for me to get under the float and carry it." -Matt Calvaruso, Cohort I
from left to right:
Students take a boat tour of San Antonio Port
View of Valparaiso
Group photo of GC students in Chile