Malaysia 2013

Cohort VIII

Cohort VIII, in early January, spent their 12-day intersession trip in Malaysia; leading the sophomore Global Citizenship group was Professor Nandu Nayar, Hans J. Baer Endowed Chair in Finance, Noël Panebianco, Program Coordinator and Study Abroad Advisor, and accompanied by Lehigh Teaching Fellow, Minh Hahn-Trinh.

Trip Highlights:

  • Tour through the Malaysian Rubber Board Plantation
  • Met business leaders of Malaysia’s Palm Oil Board
  • Visited the Malaysian Culture Center offering the unique experience to see a performance of traditional dance and music
  • Overnight homestay with a Malay family learning traditional crafts
  • Half-day through historical Malacca
  • Visit to an orphanage where the GC students collaborated to instruct lessons with the students
  • Met with NGO– Sisters in Islam—discussing the status of Malaysian women today


Students went on several excursions during their time in Malaysia — from spending four nights with the Malaysian Rubber Board meeting the business leaders of Malaysia’s Palm Oil Board to visiting the Rubber Plantation and getting first-hand experience at tapping the rubber trees to passing five nights in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Around 45% of the total world's rubber is produced in Malaysia. Also, in visiting the Malaysian Culture Center, the students had the chance to see traditional dance and music. The students were also given the unique opportunity to spend a night in a village homestay with a Malay family where they observed traditional village life, crafts and were each given a Malay name by their host family.




The students met with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Malaysia, UNHCR works with partners to protect and assist some 47,600 refugees and asylum-seekers. The GC students worked with the UNHCR educators, who themselves were refuges and now assisting refugee students, to build interactive lesson plans. Additionally, the group met with NGO– Sisters in Islam—discussing the status of Malaysian women today. Other cultural activities included a river tour in historical Malacca, visits to mosques, a Hindu temple, and the Batu Caves. The trip came to an eventful close with the students and trip leaders enjoying an evening of cultural dance performance, traditional fare and the opportunity to reflect on their unique experiences.