The Global Citizenship Program emphasizes various dimensions of a student's educational development. The program incorporates academic courses, travel experiences and extra-curricular activities to encourage global-mindedness in multiple areas of a student's life. After completing their studies, students receive a certificate in Global Citizenship. Completion of the program will also be listed on each student's academic transcript. To read answers to frequently asked questions, click here.


The GC curriculum is multi-disciplinary, which means it focuses on various content areas: trade and commerce, environment and ecology, comparative cultures and identity, creative expression, imagery and the arts, science and technology, and language and communication. All content areas are concerned with critical perspectives of ethical responsibility, humanistic values, and cultural/religious/institutional awareness associated with the theme of "global citizenship." Learn more.


Travel is the distinctive element of the Global Citizenship Program. Travel will take students to destinations where they experience the challenge of negotiating otherness and will confront them with the human face of globalization. Cultural and academic activities are organized by the Global Citizenship office, and Lehigh faculty accompany students on their Intersession Trip during sophomore year. Students receive a scholarship to cover this trip (with the exception of a $500 contribution). Learn more >

Student Life

On campus, students can testify to their global commitment by volunteering in one of the many leadership positions in the GC Student Committee. This committee is charged with the task of discussing student activities in line with the program mission, and ultimately letting their voice contribute to shape the direction of the program. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in numerous prominent cultural clubs, first and foremost the Global Union. Learn more >